Managed DNS Service

Domain Name System (DNS), although often overlooked, is essential to virtually every Internet transaction, and hence an extremely crucial service for ensuring that your web site and email continues to function correctly. As per certain studies, as much as 29% of website or email downtime is caused due to DNS failures. Along with every hosting package, we provide you DNS Services at no additional cost on extremely optimized, globally distributed, highly redundant (n+1), robust DNS infrastructure, that is geared to deliver 100% DNS uptime and offer unmatched DNS query response times.

The Managed DNS Services includes:

  • Easy-to-use Web based Interface for DNS Management - More than 90% of the web hosting companies worldwide does not provide you with an interface to manage your own DNS Records. With each of our hosting packages you have the ability to add and manage unlimited records using our powerful yet easy-to-use web based UI.
  • Total Control over SOA, A, MX, CNAME, NSrecords and TTL - You can add, modify, and delete all types of records through the web based interface. All additions and modifications will reflect instantly on every DNS server.
  • ZERO propagation delay for any additions or updates - Our DNS servers use a custom developed DDNS technology which allows any zone additions or modifications to reflect immediately across all our DNS Servers without requiring any restarts. The propagation time for any DNS changes is thus zero.
  • Geographically distributed cluster of servers in world-class facilities geared to deliver 100% DNS uptime - Research and studies show that a lot of hosting companies tend to distribute their DNS servers poorly mainly due to lack of resources, planning and expertise. A study conducted by Men & Mice of five thousand randomly selected .com domains showed that 38% of tested zones were located in one subnet, thus increasing significantly the risk of downtime due to a single point of failure. DNS downtime can bring down a companies website or email for up to 48 hours even after the service comes up due to caching practices of ISP's. Our distributed DNS architecture is built by subject-matter experts after a lot of careful planning and comprises of n+1 servers, spread across data centers in different geographies, ensuring that there is NO single point of failure.
  • Support for round robin DNS - Round-robin DNS is a load balancing technique by which the balance power is placed in the DNS server. For example, suppose a company has three identical web sites hosted on three different servers. The company can enable round-robin DNS so that when a user accesses the website he/she will be sent to the first server (first IP Address), the second user who accesses the website will be sent to the next server (second IP Address), the third user to the third server (third IP Address), and the fourth user, will be sent to the first server as the end of the list has been reached. Round robin DNS is usually used for balancing the load of geographically distributed web servers along with other forms of load balancing and clustering.
  • 24x7 Monitoring - All DNS servers and services are monitored by NOC 24 x 7. Our centralized notification system ensures that any issues are immediately brought to the notice of the people in charge and our processes ensure that the downtime of any service and server is reduced to the minimal possible extent. As such, due to our DNS architecture and design, it would take multiple simultaneous failures for the service to deteriorate or stop functioning.