Time Stamping Service


Time Stamping or Digital Notarization services provide assurance over the execution/existence of electronic transactions/documents at a specified time. A Time Stamping service is a trusted third party that uses tamper-proof cryptographic technologies to certify/notarize electronic transactions/documents, assuring their execution/existence by providing difficult-to-forge time stamp tokens that include the date and time of execution.

Companies can deploy a world-class, secure time stamp solution within their IT infrastructures to create a complete electronic audit trail for time stamped records.

Need for Time Stamping

Organizations need a way to securely manage time in their Information Technology (IT) environment. While they may have varying needs for different parts of the business, accurate time plays a key role in the digital integrity of an organization.

Since the authenticity of time depends on the official source where it comes from, traditional time sources like computer system clocks are not reliable as they can easily be manipulated. In the electronic world, as transactions are carried out over the public networks, a strong security measure with a reliable time stamp is necessary.

Business Transactions, Security Controls, Digital Signatures and System Performance can only be trusted if they show time that is accurate, secure and auditable.