Wifi4india Internet Services LLC

We are global communications and enterprise IT service provider, we owns and operates the world's most advanced wireless networks, delivering first-class infrastructure, enterprise solutions and partnerships to carriers and businesses worldwide.

Our network is truly global, extending from developed markets to the world's fastest growing emerging economies. Here are some fast facts around how we are at the centre of driving global connectivity and collaboration:

#1 International satellite operator

#1 on ground wireless network operator

#1 fastest internet bandwidth world wide

Core to everything we does,  our global infrastructure which consists of one of the largest and most sophisticated wireless networks, Tier 1 IP6 networks and world-class data centres in key business capitals around the world. On top of this robust backbone. Our comprehensive portfolio of managed enterprise services. These include high speed connections and global MPLS virtual private networks, the world's largest network of wireless services, the world's most extensive DDoS mitigation and detection service, content delivery networks, and cloud enablement solutions.

The global reach and industry expertise of Wifi4india drives and delivers a new world of communications and services. The company leverages its Wireless Global Networks, vertical intelligence and leadership in emerging markets to deliver value-driven, globally managed solutions.

Our Wireless Internet is an integrated service by Wifi4india Internet Services LLC. It unites the various access points to the web, one can access the web globally whether it is through Broadband, Wi-Fi, Global Roaming, and other Services.

We have raised the benchmarks by providing more Value Added Services in our offerings. So whether you are a business user or a home user, we bring you fresh content and various Value Added Services to make your web experience, one of multiple opportunities and growth.