The Best and Easy to Create and Send Mass Mailing Campaigns

With our user friendly mailing service it takes only minutes to create and send messages even in mass mailing requirements. The advanced segmentation allows targeting specific mailing groups and ensures high returns on email campaigns.

  • Measure the health of your email lists. Understand the makeup of your list, by demographics and segments. These email statistics show who's actively engaged and who's unsubscribing.
  • Target relevant groups in the mailing list. Based on past responses, user behaviour and demographic conditions you can blast mailers to specific target groups.

Track Email Marketing Campaigns and Improve Their Performance in A Flash

With our real-time reports for your most important analysis, we provides the email marketing analytics and tracking you need to instantly improve your email campaign management.

  • Track conversions and revenue in real time. Identify the best marketing tactics by obtaining proven results within minutes of an email send.
  • Measure the effectiveness of each newsletter. See your opens, click-through, bounces, unsubscribes, spam complaints and other key email statistics in real time.
  • Measure the health of your email lists with comprehensive email marketing tracking. Understand the makeup of your list, by demographics and segments. These email statistics show who's actively engaged and who's unsubscribing.
  • See how your email marketing campaign performs over time with comprehensive email marketing tracking. For whatever period you're interested in, generate aggregate email statistics across multiple email messages. Plus, our mailer works with Google Analytics as an additional option for tracking campaign performance.

Faster Decision Making With Real-Time Conversion and Revenue Metrics

  • Track conversions and associated revenues in real time. Access analytics within minutes of launching an email campaign or A/B split test and make decisions quickly depending on the results.
  • View familiar metrics in a user-friendly interface within the Standard Message Report. Find all the statistics about specific campaigns at your fingertips in a user friendly dashboard report.
  • Evaluate visitor click-through, downloads, surveys and revenues instantly. Quickly determine how to improve the ROI of your email campaigns and allocate resources appropriately.
  • Enjoy the benefits of real-time analytics without the expense or hassle. Take advantage of robust capability without the need for an expensive third-party analytics tool or IT implementation.

Make Quick Sense of Your Email Marketing Metrics with our Performance Dashboard

  • Instantly know which links are hot. Our Visual Message Report displays your original HTML message, along with the number of clicks each link received.
  • Spot deviations from the norm. Our Key Performance Indicators report automatically calculates which subscriber groups behaved differently from the rest of your list.
  • Free yourself from updating the rest of the marketing team. Everyone can access the most recent email metrics from our performance dashboard to see how well email marketing campaigns are performing.
  • See how your email stacks up. Compares your email against the average performance of our entire client base. You get scores for both message and mailing list quality.