Web Server Certificates


SSL Certificates ensure the identity of the web server and the connection to and from that web server is encrypted, and no one can intercept or steal the information.

Need for a SSL Certificate

All e-Commerce business required secure SSL to send and accept online payments and conduct online transactions on the e-commerce website, with SSL certificates it increase in the efficiency and avoid the manual transactions. With SSL certificate on your webserver it avoid security issues, which businesses must address at the outset, to minimize risk.

An insecure Website without strong digital authentication leads to vulnerabilities in Web Server communication:

An illegal website can be created with similar web pages. With Digital Certificates issued to the Web Server, this can be avoided.

If the information between the Web Server and the clients is transmitted in clear text, it can be read/altered by a man in the middle attack. This is very critical during financial transactions over the website, wherein the clients provide their credit card details and other payment details to Web Servers.