Domain Name System-based Blackhole List (DNSBL) or Real-time Blackhole List (RBL), Our blacklists update every 15 mins and mostly used by many industry leading hosting service providers.

Our lists are based on real time spam trapping system deployed in gateways which detects IP’s involved in dictionary attacks, unwanted email newsletters and spam emails by personal email servers worldwide.

We have three rating system for spams and whitelisting.

  • This spam listing gives more spam score based on IP’s involved in spamming the world, and once the number of abuse is reached then the IP will be added to reject link.
  • This list directly rejects the IP’s which are forwarded from level 1 after n numbers of abuse reached.
  • Whitelisted IP’s this list has all good IP’s which have good reputation most of the IP’s from known ISP’s and Mail service providers are listed in this list.

How our list is different from other providers, we give our clients to manage their IP’s in our system they can add or remove their IP’s from our listings or they can add IP’s to blacklist or add IP’s to whitelisted list.

How this helps for example a client complains to their hosting provider that they are not receiving emails from some domains as now a days all systems are upgraded to cloud systems so shared infrastructure is used so if one client on shared servers are abusing the server other clients also effected so in that case a one can whitelist or blacklist the IP’s in real time list which updated every 5 minutes.

Note: This service is paid service and those want to use this service they need subscribe for DNSBL / RBL / DNSWL.

  • Start-up plan starts from 500 USD per year and supports up to 1000,000 queries per day.
  • Pro plans start from 850 USD per year and supports up to 1,80,000 queries per day.
  • ISP standard plan starts from 2500 USD per year and supports 10,00,000/- queries per day.
  • Data Centre plan starts from 5000/- USD per year and supports unlimited queries per day.

Note: feeds are not available as this a dynamic list and updates every 5 minutes and data base size is very huge.